Saturday, May 4, 2013

Baby Shower Gift Ideas Part I

Mike and I have enjoyed all the presents we received from people for our baby girl. I finally have gotten around to posting about our favorite baby items.  So if you are going to a Baby Shower and need gift ideas or if you are an expectant parent creating your Baby Registry, here's some ideas.  

This mini pack was recommended by the nurse who was teaching classes at the hospital.  You never know what your newborn will be allergic to, so why buy a Costco/Sam's Club size of shampoo/lotion? Buy the travel size first and then test it out on your baby before you commit to a year's supply.

Nose Frida  This is a wonderful item (well, the baby does not agree with this statement), but Mike and I love this contraption. It's basically a tube used to suck boogers out of our baby's nostrils.  She cries and cries when we use it on her, but afterwards is super happy that she can breathe through her nose.  

Sophie the Giraffe. This is a great teether.  Is a $25 teether really worth it? Mike and I think so and so do many other parents.  Our baby girl was really into gnawing away at this giraffe when she was teething...she'd go for the giraffe's legs, ears, nose...but stopped reaching for it a couple of months ago. I think it's because her teeth stopped bothering her.  

WubbaNub. We received this pacifier as a gift and I first thought, "Wow, do we really need a pacifier with a mini Beanie Baby type stuffed animal on it?" YES.  It was  great when our baby was younger and the weight of the stuffed animal helped to keep the pacifier in her mouth.
Then she got a little older (4+ months) and figured out she could pull the pacifier out of her mouth by tugging on the animal.  But then she outgrew that stage and started feeling around her crib for the stuffed animal and then maneuvered the pacifier to her mouth.
We now have two of these things.  I purchased another one at ~$13 and I still think it was a good investment. Especially when I view our baby in the baby monitor and she sits up, cries, finds her pacifier and soothes herself to sleep.  I think she also likes to hold the stuffed animal portion and "pet" it.    

Tommee Tippee Milk Bibs Love love love these. Even Butters loves it (see the picture of our chewed up bib).  Our baby would get milk stuck in her neck fat folds and we would smell this stink fermented milk smell.  gross, yeah? But  with this wonderful bibs, the bib would be sopped up before hitting our baby's neck. 

I'll add a couple more posts about items that Mike, baby, and I like.  These are our honest opinions and have not been paid or given free samples for these reviews.  


shayna said...

great post! i'm always stumped about baby shower gifts, so i will definitely refer to this list in the future. thanks!

genkitummy said...

Shayna-Hi! I hope this list helps. We really like these items.