Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Baby's First Cold

I guess that we are lucky that our baby's first cold occurred at 6.5 months old. Apparently babies are supposed to get 7-10 colds a year! It's so sad to hear the pathetic cries of a sick baby.  :(
The posts will continue next week. Baby, Mike, Grandma and I were hit with a case of the "Nasties."  I was recovering from a basic cold, then the baby got sick. I got sick again and so did Mike and his mom.  Turns out I have Pink Eye (Conjunctivitis) and Tonsillitis (I'm on meds now so I'm not contagious), Mike's mom has some virus and lost her voice, and Mike probably has some really bad cold. 
Let's hope for a healthy rest of the year!

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