Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Fast and Easy Dinner~Pasta

I've been on a "different" pasta kick and recently purchased some Orecchiette pasta.  "Orecchiette" means "small ear" in Italian.  Do you think that the pasta looks like little ears?  Changing up the shape of the pasta can change the eating experience. I do not think that I would have enjoyed this meal as much if I used spaghetti noodles or macaroni shaped pasta. 
Orecchiette Pasta, Arugula, Italian Cheese, Pesto, Grape Tomatoes, Onions, and Garlic
This was a quick and easy dish. I sauteed sliced onions in oil, then added minced garlic and grape tomatoes.  I then added the cooked  pasta, then some pest. I shut of the stovetop heat, and added shredded Italian cheese and a couple of handfuls of arugula.  I've been trying to incorporate more vegetables into our diet, and this pasta was a perfect way to increase our veggie intake instead of eating a side salad. 

I liked the look of the pasta, but I had some difficulty cooking this pasta.  Since the Orecchiette pasta were all the same shape and size, a bunch of the pasta pieces stacked together and I could not separate them while they were cooking in boiling water.

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