Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Shark Cupcakes

This is a shark cupcake. Kind of pitiful looking, but you get the idea. One of my friends at work sent me a link to these cute shark cupcakes and I told her that I would attempt to make them for her. The cupcakes are filled with raspberry jam, so when you cut them open, it's like blood is oozing out of them. 
Here's a destroyed shark cupcake. As you can see, when you only have chocolate cake mix at home, you cannot see the oozing raspberry jam blood come out of the cupcake.
I cored the cupcakes using a pastry tip.  It works extremely well for this application. 
Lazy Step #1-This actually might be lazy step 2, since I used cake mix for the cupcake. So I zapped this jar of jam into the microwave for a couple of seconds until it was a runny consistency and then dropped it into the cupcake holes.
Here's a picture of the jam-filled cupcakes.  
Lazy Step #2-I took the lazy route for these cupcake frosting. I do not like frosting on cupcakes (I've never did since pre-school), so I do not go out of my way to make a homemade frosting.  I bought the Duncan Hines Frosting creations and the blue cotton candy flavored powder (because it was blue) against my better judgement. Then when I got home I decided that chocolate cupcakes filled with raspberry jam probably would not taste good with cotton candy flavored frosting. So I just added some blue food coloring to the frosting.
Lazy Step #3-I bought some sugar sheets from the craft store for the shark fins. 1)I have never made or worked with fondant in my life; 2) I did not want to spend my whole day making shark cupcakes.
Here's the shark pack. I think that fondant would have been a better choice for the shark fins. But you get the gist of it. 

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