Monday, August 6, 2012

Onesies Cupcakes

I saw this cute craft idea to make onesies cupcakes as gifts. I bought these cute cupcake boxes at a craft store a few months ago, and somehow lost them in our apartment. I spent about 3 hours searching for them (and cleaning the apartment in the process) and somehow, they disappeared. Mike thinks that I was "nesting" as I cleaned up the closet and guest room searching for the boxes, I think it was my just my Type A personality trying to desperately find what I was looking for.
First you start off with cute little onesies. 
Neatly fold each onesie into a rectangle.
Roll up the onesie and place in a muffin cup. 
Here are the three onesies.
Tie matching ribbons around the rolled up onesies to hold them in place.
I placed the three "cupcakes" in a tissue-lined bag. I think it looks cuter in a little cupcake pastry box, but I thought that these looked cute too. 


Lilly Howell said...

Fantastic idea! I have a baby shower coming up that I need a gift for. I may have to try this out :)

genkitummy said...

Lilly-Hi! Thanks for visiting my blog. Let me know how your onesies cupakes come out!