Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Hospital Food

Here's a recap of the hospital food that I have been fed. Yeah, I know it's kind of weird to take pictures of the food that we ate, but I had my camera there to take baby pictures, so I decided to take pictures of the food too. 
This is the first time in my life that I have actually been served hospital food. I have been fortunate enough and never had an extended stay at a hospital.  Back in High School and college, I volunteered in the Nutrition Department and served people food, but never ate it.
"Celebratory Lunch"-During all the childbirth classes that we were taking at the hospital, one of the nurses kept talking up the "Celebratory Lunch" served on a white tablecloth and made special by the chef.  I ordered the chicken and shrimp. 
The nice thing about Centennial Medical Center in Frisco,TX is that I could order two plates (one for Mike) for each meal.  Mike ordered the steak for his "Celebratory Lunch."  (I thought that the chicken was better)
Chocolate Cheesecake
Berries and Cream
Breakfast-eggs, sausage, tater tots, and a biscuit.  I could not eat this meal because I had an epidural and was only allowed ice and popsicles.  I went 27 hours only eating ice and popsicles! Each time another meal was brought in for Mike and my sister, I ate a popsicle.
Chicken, peas, and pasta. 
Cobb (?) Salad.  The chicken noodle soup was pretty good.
Pork, mashed potatoes, and green beans.  This was another meal that Mike ate and I could not. 

We could also order from a late night menu between 6:30pm and 6:30 am.  I thought that the food from that menu was pretty good (soups, sandwiches, fries, etc). In general the hospital food was pretty mediocre, but it was nice to have hot meals coming at you three to four times a day! 

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