Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Texas Restaurants~Thai Box

I finally decided to start cleaning up all the blog posts that I had set-up but forgot to post. So the next few posts will be dedicated to all the food pictures that we captured over the past few months that never were published. 
Corn Fritters-Slightly sweet corn patties. Yum!
Fried Rice. It looks pretty plain with just flavored rice and bits of egg, but the flavor was pretty good.

Pad Thai-We actually did not order this and the cashier got our order wrong. I didn't like this dish. It was too fishy in flavor and the noodles were under-cooked. It would have been nice of the cashier got us our order wrong and inadvertently served us a dish that we actually liked and could add to our list of favorites.
Orange Chicken
Pad Kee Mow- I think. This is what one of my friend's ordered. These noodles have good flavor.  
Pad See Ew-Big Flat Noodle. This is Mike and my favorite noodle dish from Thai Box. We forgot to ask for a medium spice level, but it was still tasty with a mild sauce.  The noodles are flatter than Hawaii chow fun noodles, but thicker in width.  This is one of the noodles closest to the chow fun noodles we miss from back home.  

190 Stacy Rd
Allen, TX 75069

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