Saturday, July 28, 2012

My Baby Shower

Mike and I are so fortunate to have such wonderful friends here in Texas! We've been here for a little under three years and have made some great friends at work and outside of work. Here's some pictures from my baby shower. 
Cake Pops! Look how pretty they are! One of my co-workers and her daughter made this cute tasty treats! Thanks Pat!
A couple of my friends planned and hosted a baby shower for me a couple of weekends ago. I am so overwhelmed by all their generosity and our baby girl is lucky that she now has more than everything she needs.  We also cannot forget to mention all the friends and family that we have back home who have been checking up on us and letting us know that we are in their thoughts.
Our baby girl is so spoiled and she has not even been born yet! She has tons of clothes, toys, and safety items from all her aunties and uncles. We now have her crib, mattress, infant seat, stroller, swing, boppy, bumbo, bath tub, teether, nasal aspirator, first aid kit, creams, bottles, towels, receiving blankets, diapers (disposable and cloth), activity mat educational toys, food maker, hats, socks, and the list goes on and on!  I hope she likes pink, lambs, bunnies, and carrots because that's sort of the theme her mommy has been planning for her.
My shower had a Candyland theme to it. Look at this cake that my friends slaved over.   So cute!
Vegetable Platter
Fruit Platter
Toasted Ravioli

We also decorated onesies, bibs and burp cloths. Yes, I have some math and science-y friends who are starting our baby out with science-y onesies.  I guess that's what happens when most of your friends are scientists or engineers.  Hopefully our baby will enjoy math and science!
See the other math onesie on the left side of this cute sunny onesie?
Look at this cute idea. My friend cut the bottoms off of an egg carton container to use as a fabric paint storage container.
Here's a simple sunflower onesie.  So artistic!
Aunty Kendell made these. Can you tell?  I told her that the baby's mommy cannot afford Villanova unless she's on scholarship.  
Another cute and simple onesie!

Baby can come any day now!  She's made it to the full-term stage and it's only a matter of time! My sister asked me if we're all prepared and ready...and actually I think Mike and I are.  I'm sure that there are a bunch of things that we are missing and have not thought off, but for the most part we are at a comfortable place.  Plus, it does help that we have wonderful and supportive friends and family!


shayna said...

Lauren! What an amazing baby shower! I'm so happy that you and Mike have such wonderful & thoughtful friends - though i'm not at all surprised, knowing what good & fun friends you both are. :)

So excited for you! And looking forward to meeting baby girl when you folks visit.

Anonymous said...

Yes, you have wonderful and very creative friends. Decorating onesies is such a great idea and helps you remember the event and dear friends who designed the onesies.


genkitummy said...

Thanks Shayna and M&DT!