Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Easy Baby Shower Food

Last weekend was a pretty jam packed weekend for Mike and me.  We played poker at a friend's house, I attended a baby shower, we met up with some friends for brunch, and then met up with a couple and their cute little son to play some strategy games.  I guess we're taking advantage of our weekends before they are taken up changing diapers and trying to squeeze in naps.

Here's some food pictures from my friend's baby shower.
Blue Punch-Isn't this cute? It's punch that looks likes a bubble bath, and you can decorate it with rubber duckies. I think this is a great idea for a child's birthday party.
Spanakopita-pre-made, but so yummy.
Baked brie-puff pastry filled with brie cheese, raspberry jam, cranberries, dried cherries, and sliced almonds.
Prepared vegetable platter-Yeah, I cheated and picked one up from Sam's Club. 
Cheese platter-Mike made this. Cheddar cheese, Dubliner Cheese, garnished with green and red grapes. 
Fruit Salad-My other pregnant friend made this. Look, she even cut the watermelon into a bowl. 
This isn't really food, but it's a diaper cake. Cute huh?  


Anonymous said...

Really liked the punch idea. Cute!

Onesies cookies are a great idea too, but seems like a lot of work. Good thing you're into food.


benilhalk said...

All these food arrangements you did here are truly amazing and already drooling for this party menu. I am planning a small baby shower for my sister at one of state-of-art Los Angeles event venues and for that definitely going to use your party food ideas.