Friday, June 1, 2012

Austin,TX~Food Tour

As promised, here's a glimpse into all the food that we consumed during our Austin Eats Food tour. We chose the Congress tour (the original tour) partially because of our schedule, and plus Mike did not want me going on the bike tour in my current state of health.  
The Austin food tour highlighted locally owned business all on Congress Street in Austin.  I love supporting local businesses, and it's a refreshing change to see so many locally-owned restaurants rather than all the chains we are surrounded by in Dallas.  The tour was nice because not only did we sample all kinds of foods, we were also able to hear from the owners of the restaurants and learn a little about the restaurant's history. 

Snack Bar was a cute trendy little place that served us a Yoko Ono (modified okonomiyaki).  The owner has an art background and kind of fell into owning a restaurant.  
The worker who spoke to us was really entertaining and we were able to watch how corn tortillas were made, but Mike and I have had better Mexican food.  
Mike also did not finish his tamale.  He always finishes his food, so I guess that's an indication on his impression of the restaurant.  
Hopdoddy burger. I thought that the Angus burger was tasty. I especially liked all the different sauces you could dip the hamburger and fries into. The bar is known for their beers too, but we didn't sample them. 
Salted Caramel milkshake from HopDoddy. This was selected as the favorite food item from several people on the tour.  I thought it was pretty tasty. 
Shrimp and Grits from Woodland Grill . Mike said that this was his favorite dish of the whole tour. I prefer my grits to have a bit more texture, so Mike gladly ate my portion too.  
Key Lime Pie from Woodland Grill. 

"Hey... You going to eat our what" food truck" This is the chef/owner of the truck talking to us about his food philosophy. The tour guide told us that chef used to work at four-star establishments and then decided that he wanted to be his own boss, so he opened up this food truck.  
My favorite food of the whole tour. A Monte Cristo sandwich with cherry and fig jelly. I loved the sweet and salty combination of the jelly combined with the ham and cheese! Mike was surprised that I liked it so much since I'm not a big ham eater. Yum! 
Our last stop was Home Slice pizza. By this time of the tour, we were so full, that I could not be a good judge and let you know if this pizza was tasty or not. Home slice sells New York style pizza and we were told that every year, the owners take all their staff (who have been working there for >1 yr) on a trip to New York! That sounds like a nice place to work!

At the end of this three hour tour, we were stuffed. I guess it did not help that we started the morning off with some Round Rock donuts.  
If you ever visit Austin, you should consider the Austin Eats Food Tour or at least check out Congress Street! There are tons of restaurants and cute little boutiques.  Also there is a food truck area (one of the many in Austin) filled with a sampling of different kinds of foods. 

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