Monday, April 23, 2012

Brown Butter Rice Krispies Treats

My sister has been following a food blog called "Iowa Girl Eats" and raves about the recipes she tries and about how she likes the girl's style.  (Sheesh, she doesn't even follow my blog). One of the recipes that my sister raved about was a "Brown Butter Rice Krispies" recipe.  I had bought a bunch of miniature marshmallows for my sheep cupcakes, so I decided to use the leftover marshmallows to make "Brown Butter Rice Krispies" treats.  I also used a modified recipe of the recipe I found in Joanne Chang's "Flour" cookbook. 
The first step was to melt one stick of butter in a pan. 
You should melt the butter until it browns.  This is NOT a picture of the browned butter. This is a picture of melted butter.  I was afraid of browning the butter too much if I took too long taking the picture. 
Melt the marshmallow. Quickly stir in the Rice Krispies. 
Press mixture into pan. I usually spray some cooking oil spray onto a piece of waxed paper and use it to press the mixture into the pan. 

Yum yum! I doubt I will be making these very often, unless I have a lot of people to share them with. Rice Krispies treats are wonderful, but adding an extra block of butter to a 9" pan of them cannot be good for the waistline!