Sunday, November 6, 2011

To My Wonderful Husband

Trees outside of my hotel
Today marks the 7th continuous day that I've been gone for work travel. Mike's been taking care of the house and taking care of our little Butters. Our pup was sick (Mike thinks it is because Butters is eating bird poop on our patio) and Mike had to wake up at 3:30am one night to take care of him (it was during the work week). Then Mike had to deal with Butters jumping up on the sofa top (not on the seats, but the top of the sofa backrest) because he has so much energy.  
The patio with bird poop

I would like to share another story about why Mike is awesome. (Mike, if you're reading this back in Texas, yes I used your name and awesome in the same sentence. It's probably the lack of sleep and long hours taking a toll on me. :P). 
Last month, I was on yet another trip for work and Mike decided to clean the apartment. I walked into our closet in the morning and saw that he had organized the closet.  I let out a squeal of excitement because it looked like my pants wardrobe had expanded.   Just to let you know, I have always had that many pairs of work pants; they just were not hung neatly and some were probably on hidden on the ground. 
I have my select few pants I wear often because a)they are easily accessible; b)they are the perfect length for the shoes I want to wear. Now my choice of pants has expanded by a two-fold!

My wonderful husband cleaned and organized my clothes while I was gone! He also organized both bathroom drawers and other cabinets around our apartment!
Yay for awesome husbands!