Thursday, November 10, 2011


Back in May of this year, In-N-Out opened in Texas.  Mike and I finally checked out one of the restaurants in Allen, TX. We had been meaning to check out In-N-Out for a while, but every time we happend to drive past the In-N-Out the parking lot looked so crowded that we decided to put off our visit.
It's difficult to compare burgers from restaurants because you are relying on your memory of the burger. The last time I ate a burger from In-N-Out was in June 2011 when I was in Las Vegas. I did not eat a "fresh" burger because someone had picked it up and I ate it about 20 minutes after it was made. 
Man In-N-Out is one of the most efficient fast food places I have ever been to.  They quickly churn out order after order and the line keeps moving. The only way that they could improve their efficiency would be to install TV monitors with order numbers instead of having a worker shout out order numbers on the speaker.  I saw this at a Rosa's Cafe the other night and I think they might have the slight edge in speed over In-N-Out.
Mike ordered the "Animal Style" burger-includes extra sauce and toppings. I just had a plain cheeseburger (I rather eat a hamburger sans cheese, but I was saving us seats and Mike ordered me one with cheese).  We were hungry, and those burgers tasted good. The fries were okay (I prefer twice-fried fries), but I overheard a kid shout, "These are the best fries," so everyone has their own preference on fry type. 
Neapolatin Shake
Meh. Mike and I were not a fan of the fan of the shakes.  Sorry Jay, I know that you really like them. I think so far, our favorite fast food shakes are from Chick-fil-A.

So here's our verdict on In-N-Out, for the price of a burger (<$2) it's a great deal. The burgers are tasty and have a fresh taste to them, if given a choice between McDonald's, Burger King, Wendy's, Jack in the Box, and In-N-Out, I'd choose In-N-Out. 
If I throw "Five Guys Burgers and Fries" into the mix, I might choose Five Guys.  Five Guys burgers set you back about $6 each (that's like 3-4 In-N-Out burgers), but I think I'd give Five Guys my vote because I like that you can add a lot more toppings to your burger (sauteed mushrooms, grilled onions, etc) AND I think the fries are better at Five Guys. 
Mike says that it would be a toss-up between the restaurants because price becomes a factor. If he wanted a good cheap burger, he'd go to In-N-Out. If price wasn't factored in to the decision, he'd choose Five Guys for the win on flavor.


suraya said...

I have very similar sentiments regarding In-N-Out. Freash, cheap burger, meh fries and disappointing shakes.

K and S said...

looks great, I wish we had cheaper fast food in Japan.

Anonymous said...

I prefer burgers without cheese too. I've had both kinds. For some reason the Five Guys burger seems to have left me with better memories. Perhaps it was the company. Or, it could have been the toppings. :) We've recently gotten into eating home made turkey burgers (no added hormones, no added steroids). Does that mean the turkeys never got those things, or does it mean none were added to the ground turkey?


genkitummy said...

Suraya-I guess we have similar taste in foods.
Kat-Are fast food prices expensive in Japan?

M&DT-Aw..I'm glad that you enjoyed "Five Guys" when you visited us in Texas. In regards to the turkey, it means that the turkey was not given hormones and steriods-so the ground turkey should be hormone and steroid free.