Sunday, October 23, 2011

Two Rangers

If you have been following my blog, you know that Mike and I have a dog named "Ranger"/"Morkie"/"Butters."  We keep trying to call him "Butters" now, but by habit we keep reverting to "Ranger" (especially when we yell his name to scold him).
This past weekend we house/dog/cat sat for our friends. They live in a "castle" (the house just feels like a castle because it's more than 3 times bigger than our apartment) in a city north of us that we have contemplated living in. Funny story about this couple, my friend's husband's name is Mike, both our Mike's have the same occupation, and our dogs have the same name. Here's a picture of the two Rangers. We started calling them "Little Ranger" and "Big Ranger." It's kind of confusing for Big Ranger because he's so smart and listens to all our commands, even if we are speaking to Little Ranger.

Big Ranger is smiling!
Big Ranger is such a sweet and calm dog.  He could easily squash our Little Ranger, but instead just tolerates our little guy.  Little Ranger is actually a punk and harasses Big Ranger and the cat (who is bigger than Little Ranger).  Mike and I are not sure if it is typical of the Yorkie breed or if we are bad parents.
 The two Rangers at the Dog Park. They are on opposite sides of the fence because Little Ranger is in the small dog area (less than 20lb) and Big Ranger is in the big dog park.  A dog owner at I met at the park told me it was unusual to see owners with a yorkie and a huge husky-type dog.  It made more sense to him when I told him that we were dog sitting.

Since this post involved multiple Rangers, on a side note-Go Texas Rangers!

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