Thursday, September 8, 2011

New York~Museum of Modern Art

Mike and I both would not classify ourselves as the "artsy fartsy" types, but we I enjoy the occasional look see.  We were debating whether we should spend part of our short trip to NYC checking out the museum.  We finally decided to go because Van Gogh's "Starrry Night" is housed at the MOMA.  Mike spent most of his time in the museum sitting on chairs and benches waiting for me. 
Can you see me in the reflection? I'm under the "er" of the word "Modern."  The images below are some of my favorite pieces. 

Van Gogh's "The Olive Tree"
Piet Mondrian's "Trafalgar Square"
I'm not sure who the artist was, but I love mobiles.
Jackson Pollack's work.
Salvador Dali's "The Persistence of Memory"
It's probably one of Dali's most famous works. It was about the size of a piece of copy paper. I thought it would have been larger.
"Starry Night"~Van Gogh
This is my favorite painting of all time.  This is the main reason why Mike and I went to MOMA. 
Postsecret work Postsecret is an art project in which people anonymously mail postcards with secrets written on them.  Some of the secrets are super funny.  Other's not so much. This exhibit was composed of six video screens cycling through various postcards. 
A pyramid containing items that distracts people from doing actual work. An iphone is up there on that pyramid.

I saw this while we were walking in the city. I'm guessing it was called "Dandelion" or something along those lines? It's a water sculpture.

11 West 53 Street
New York, NY 10019
(212) 708-9400


Erika said...

too bad Mike wasn't too engaged in the museum~ I love museums!

There is a fountain in Loring Park (a park in my neighborhood in Minneapolis) that looks just like the one you photographed:

I wonder if its by the same artist??

genkitummy said...

Hmmm..I saw your comment and decided to google it to find out who the artist is. No luck. But apparently there is another one in Australia.

scott davidson said...
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