Tuesday, September 20, 2011

New York CIty~David Burke's Kitchen

I chose to go to a fancy lunch at "David Burke's Kitchen," which is known for farm-to-table sourced foods with a slight whimsical touch.  He also developed some flavor sprays that provide flavor without the calories. 

 Butter on a slab of salt.
 Lobster Soup with a lobster dumpling, coconut fennel creme, red watercress

 Salmon Pastrami with horseradish, mustard seeds, beet bellini. I liked how the salmon looked like pastrami slices.

 Spicy Spaghetti with shrimp, zucchini, and basil.  I had a difficult time eating this dish because the sauce had thai basil in it and I felt that the spicy thai basil flavor overpowered the whole dish. 
 Herbed mac and cheese with a prosciutto wrapped egg. 
Mmm...the egg was delicious and perfectly cooked. Mike and I were trying to figure out how a extremely soft boiled egg was wrapped in prosciutto, deep-fried, and it still retained its soft texture. Mike contemplated that the egg was placed in the refrigerator before it was deep-fried. 
 Apple Tart with lemon-thyme ice cream, apple cider caramel, and apple crisp.
I really was not a fan of my entree, but we ended the meal on a positive note. The desserts were delicious. The apple tart felt lighter version of apple pie with it's puff pastry crust.

 Cassis panna cotta with hibiscus meringue and rose jelly.
A good panna cotta goes a long way in our books. Mike and I are not fans of flower-flavored foods, but we didn't mind the hibiscus and rose in this dessert.

David Burke's Kitchen
23 Grand St.
SOHO, NY 10013
(212) 201-9119


suraya said...

butter on salt. heaven.

genkitummy said...

It was yummy! Mike joked that I should pocket the salt block.