Sunday, April 3, 2011

Texas Restaurants~Miyoshi

Every so often Mike has a craving for Japanese food, especially sushi.  We've been hesitant to eat sushi in Texas because we have been spoiled with all the fresh fish back in Hawaii.  A friend of mine mentioned that Miyoshi's has a pretty good all you can eat sushi for $15 (lunch) or $25 (dinner). Dinner is more expensive because rolls containing more fish are offered at that time. 
The rules for the "All You Can Eat" sushi were the standard rules as all the typical "all you can eat" places. If there is a lot of extra food on your plate, you are charged a fee.  Also, at Miyoshi's you have to order the sushi in rounds. The sushi is made fresh at the sushi bar (which is a plus), and I personally think that the extra time in between rounds reduces the amount of sushi you can consume because you tummy becomes full. 
Round 1: We ordered the spicy tuna roll and the cowboy roll (crab meat mixed with chopped calamari tempura, crunch flour, served with a spicy mayo and unagi sauce). Mike ordered a piece of salmon and hamachi to test out the nigiri. 
We tried the cajun roll (Fried crawfish inside with a spicy mayo and unagi sauce) and the crunch roll (masago, scallion on a spicy tuna roll topped with spicy mayo and unagi sauce).  Mike was satisfied with the nigiri, so he ordered more pieces in the next round.  I stuck with trying the different specialty rolls. 
Chicken Teriyaki. It is also part of the all you can eat sushi deal.
Las Vegas Roll (California roll deep-fried, served with eel sauce on the top). I didn't care for this one because the inside sushi was warm due to the deep-frying.  The cowboy roll again.
Repeats of our favorite sushi. The spicy tuna roll, the crunch rolls, and Mike's nigiri sushi.

As you can see by all the pictures, we got our money's worth at Miyoshi's.  I think that the staff was surprised that two little Asians could consume so much food. 
So far, this is the best sushi we've eaten in Texas.  But, we haven't had a lot of sushi in Texas. We tried a conveyor belt style sushi bar near our house and it was disappointing.  Two small pieces of sushi for about $2 with sub-par fish.   I think this positive experience at Miyoshi was encouraging enough for Mike and I to start venturing out to other sushi restaurants. 

3400 Preston Road
Plano, TX 75093-7454
(972) 801-9097


Anonymous said...

The sushi looks good. We'll have to try it the next time we're in Texas. Is sushi popular? Can't image that it would be. I picture Texas as a real meat and potatoes kind of place.


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Looks yummers! Now I'm craving sushi!