Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Non-Food Post~My Recent Splurges

Asics Running Shoes-
I buy and wear out at least two pairs a year.  I always wait for Sports Authority BOGO1/2 off sales.  I just bought my 2011 allotment.  Asics has been my athletic shoe brand of choice for the past six years.  Love them love them love them!
Rubbermaid containers-
I once told a friend that I did not want to take his leftover snacks home in his rubbermaid container because there was a good chance that I would "forget" the container at my house...forever. He wasn't sure if I was joking or not...I wasn't quite sure either. These containers are stain-resistent (the acid in tomato sauce does not stain these containers), and have interlocking lids. We have a whole set of the first generation containers (gray covers without the swirls on the clear portion), but I added this new 9-cup container to our collection.

Gliding Discs-
I love love love these discs. They are great for lunges, ab work, and pack well (this will be perfect for all my upcoming work travel in 2011).  The Wednesday fitness class instructor knows me by name and was nice enough to buy these for me when she had free shipping. She saved me $10 in shipping costs.
Ipod Touch 4G-
Christmas has come early for me. I hemmed and hawed about this. Then Mike and I went to the Apple Store and played "Angry Birds" for a while. I was sold.  So if any of you out there have an ipod touch 4G or the newest iphone, we can "facetalk" or webcam. 

***No, I wasn't endorsed or do I work for any of these companies. I just think that these companies sell some really good products.


Anonymous said...

Ooooooooo! :)

I like the idea of a new phone.


jay said...
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Anonymous said...

Thanks! I just received the coupons for the free Fresh Express Salad Mix. Am anxious to try it.


genkitummy said...

No new phone for me yet. It's just an ipod tough, so there's no phone capabilities.
Hopefully we'll all be getting new phones this year once our current contract is up and we switch to another carrier.