Saturday, October 23, 2010

Texas Restaurants~Lawry's The Prime Rib

One of my friends that I go running with recommended Lawry's The Prime Rib restaurant.  She's a deal-hunter too and told me that there is a coupon for a BOGO Sunday brunch in the Entertainment Book.  So what did Mike and I do?  We went there at 1:30pm for "lunner" (lunch +dinner).  Of course Mike did not agree to skipping out on dinner, but he was excited to go to this fine dining establishment for lunner. 
We started the meal off with complementary orange juice and mimosas, blueberry muffins, and sourdough bread. The blueberry muffins were delicious, soft on the inside, and crunchy on the outside. 
Each entree came with a starter. Mike chose the Wild Mushroom Bisque.  It was a rich, potent soup that was a bit on the heavy side. It kind of reminded me a cross between gravy and a mushroom soup. I enjoyed sampling Mike's soup and thought that it could be a meal on it's own. 
I chose Lawry's famous "spinning bowl salad" as my starter. Our waiter put all of my vegetables into a stainless steel mixing bowl that was atop crushed ice and then started spinning the bowl. While the bowl was spinning he added in the dressing. 
I ordered the crab cakes egg benedict (~$18) with my hollandaise on the side. I know I know, why did I do that?  I am not a fan of soggy textures. I want to enjoy crispy crabcakes, not crabcakes soaked in hollandaise sauce. 
Mike ordered a cut of roast prime rib ($32), which was served table side.  Doesn't his food look wonderful? I'm not a connoisseur of meat, but I felt like I've tasted better prime rib.  Mike felt the same way as I did, but then again he finished his meal. 

Yorkshire Pudding
The service at Lawry's was superb! There was never a time when my water glass was less than half empty.  The food up until the main dish was wonderful. I'm on the fence whether I would recommend this restaurant. The prices were reasonable too, especially when we used the coupon. The entree prices included the mimosas and the starter dish. 
I think that we may have ordered the wrong dishes, but how could you go wrong with prime rib at a prime rib restaurant?  Mike said that he doesn't need to go back to Lawry's, but I'm willing to give it another chance.   

Lawry's The Prime Rib
14655 Dallas Parkway
Dallas, Texas 75254
(972) 503-6688

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