Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Austin, TX~Gourdough's

This was the second donut shop that we ate at during our 40-hour stay in Austin.  It's this funky food truck with dozens of donut concoctions.

Here's some examples:
*Mother Clucker-Fried Chicken Strip with Honey Butter (which I heard tastes amazing...I heard this after we returned home from our trip to Austin)
*Flying Pig~Bacon with Maple Syrup (which I also heard tastes amazing)
*Son of a Peach~Peach Filling, Cinnamon, sugar, and cake mix topping. 

 Each donut costs about $5 a piece and costs an extra dollar for a scoop of ice cream or if it is a donut that includes meat (chicken strip or bacon).  
Miss Shortcake~Cream Cheese Icing with Fresh Sliced Strawberries (Mike's selection)
Mike equated this donuts as a "fancy supped up donut dessert."  I totally agree with his assessment of the Gordough's donut. These donuts are not your traditional cop-eating type of donut.  You have to change your mindset and expect a gourmet dessert...think along the lines of eating a piece of pie, or cheesecake.  Does that make sense?  These are large pieces of fried dough (delicious goodness) that are topped with sweets.  You cannot (or maybe you can) eat a half a dozen of these bad boys. 

Black Out~Brownie Batter, fudge icing, chocolate covered brownie bites

   I ordered this donut, and had mixed feelings about it. I think that if you're a choco-holic you would think this was the best donut in your life. But for me, I felt that it was too much of a sickly sweet chocolate overload for my tastes.  I really wanted to eat more of it, but just couldn't get myself to finish the whole thing. 

The donuts were really good, but if someone gave me a choice between Gourdough's and Round Rock donuts; it would be a tough choice, but I think that I'd probably choose Round Rock donuts.  I guess I'm a "donut purist" that enjoys simple taste and wonderful textures.  Plus I think in a Calorie showdown, I'd be able to eat at least two Round Rock donuts versus one Gorudough's donut.

1219 S. Lamar Blvd.
Austin, TX 78704


Erika said...

haha "cop-eating." All I can imagine is a giant donut with legs and big gnashing teeth chasing a poor policeman down the street....like pacman but fried.

I agree that Round Rock sounds better, though. why not just eat brownies if you want brownies, after all?

K and S said...


genkitummy said...

Erika-you're so funny! Yeah, I should proof-read what I post on this blog. Yeah, the donuts are out to chop on poor innocent cops.
Kat-yeah, these things were large indeed!

Anonymous said...

Oooooh! Looks like fun. I can feel my arteries clogging and cholesterol count climbing.

Love your photos. It's like low calorie dessert. I can enjoy the food w/o the calories.

Enjoy it while you're young. :)


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