Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Work Travel

Currently on another work trip.   Over the years I have honed in my traveling skills and breeze through the drill of airport security and am one of those people who you see in line and think, "Wow, she must travel a lot. She's got this down to a science."  First bucket-Shoes and jacket (shoes in the first bucket so that you can put them on as you wait for your other items to go through the xray). Second bucket- Unzip laptop case, make sure it is not covering the laptop, throw in the clear plastic bag with liquids (use a quart size zip-slide bag for ease instead of a zip-lock bag. it's more user-friendly for travel).  Backpack and luggage to follow.  Oh and I also do not wear a belt or metal jewelry. 

This has been my fourth work trip since the beginning of the year, so I am now becoming an efficient packer. I now can pack my suitcase in less than 5 minutes and can fit more than four days of clothes in carry-on luggage.
Here's the necessary toiletries I pack:
*lotion (to be used on face and hands), *deodorant, *contact solution, *contact case, *travel size hairbrush, *tooth brush, *toothpaste, *floss, *facial soap from lush *eyelash curler
I end up using the shampoo, conditioner, and soap the hotel provides to save on space in my luggage. 

My typical travel breakfast.  Soy chai and a pastry (key lime crumb cake).
Airplane food.  BBQ chicken salad with crunchy topping. Stacy's pita chips. Most times I have been lucky when I travel and have been sitting in first class!  That means that we're given snacks and a meal.  Although you soon become spoiled with all the perks of flying first class that when you're placed in coach, you think, "coach? ugh."  (yes, I've become a slight "flying snob").
My last breakfast during my last business trip to Canada.  Vivanno orange mango smoothie without the extra protein and a thai tuna wrap.  I don't think they have this flavor of smoothie at Starbucks in the USA, but it was pretty good.  The thai tuna wrap was unusual; it was like a spicy tuna salad with bits of rice in it.  

Food during work travel varies a bit.  Mike sometimes gets jealous because we sometimes eat at nice restaurants.  But it is often balanced out with trying to find restaurants that are open late at night, which means that we end up eating at fast food joints or gas stations.   

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Anonymous said...

American Airlines 1st Class Snack.

I wish more were like you in the security line. It makes me nuts when you watch what appears to be seasoned business travelers take 3-4 trays and have to untie/remove their shoes and empty their pockets of loose change at the last minute.

Alan from Makiki