Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Hawaii Restaurants~Gyotaku

I'm currently in the airport, waiting for my flight to board and decided to continue posting about the Hawaii restaurants Mike and I checked out last September.  With all this work travel these past few weeks, I figure that the best time to write blog posts will be in the airport. 

Gyotaku is one of those restaurants that I have never ever dined at in my life.  I have no idea why, but when my family goes out to eat Japanese food, we usually go to Tadashi's (Aiea), Hifumi (downtown), or some restaurant that was recently reviewed in the newspaper.  I was pleasantly surprised by the food at Gyotaku, and even though I wouldn't rank it as one of my favorite restaurants, but I would go back there.  Inside out California roll with tobiko (flying fish eggs).
Ahi Poke Bowl. My dad really enjoyed this dish

Mochiko Chicken Salad-I ordered this salad because I wanted something light and I love mochiko chicken.  The salad tasted okay, but I felt that the presentation was so much better than the taste.  There was mochi crunch and edamame on the salad! That's a creative alternative to croutons or won ton crisps on top of a salad.  Unagi don bowl
Shrimp and Vegetable Tempura.  -Everyone at the table seemed to enjoy their tempura.  

98-1226Kaahumanu St.
Pearl City, HI 96782


SageMom said...

I used to go to Gyotaku all the time for work. They have really good lunch specials.

Chou said...

Your photos make me painfully hungry. I miss baking with you.

Lauren said...

SageMom-Thanks for the tip! I'll have to check out their lunch specials when I'm back in Hawaii in May.

Chou-I miss baking with you too. You have to come and visit us! Seriously, you're always welcome to stay at our place. Well, as long as we're here.