Monday, August 10, 2009

Our Anniversary

Today marks Mike and my one year anniversary. The year flew by so quickly, and I cannot believe that one year ago we said our vows to be together forever. I also cannot believe that we have been together for almost six years (5 years & 11 months). I guess we must really like each other. :P

Unfortunately we are not spending the day together and have spent most of the year apart than together. Our "forever" will just have to begin later on this year after I defend my thesis. I told Mike that he didn't have to make a special flight to Illinois to be with me on our anniversary. After all, it is just one day and we have a lifetime to spend with each other.

I've mentioned to people that being in a long distance relationship has been the most difficult challenge for me throughout my four years here pursuing a PhD. Surprisingly, it has not been the rigor of the program or the occasional 14-hour days of research; it was knowing that the love of your life lives 5,000 miles away and is a 5-hour time zone away (Thank goodness for cell phone family plans). But on the other hand, it makes the little time that we have together much more precious.
Mike, if you're reading this, don't get mad at me for wasting time blogging. :) Happy Anniversary! I love you very much, husband!


(( SKY )) said...

Happy Anni!
Sweet that your relationship is going strong!

K and S said...

happy anniversary!!

Anonymous said...

Happy anniversary.. We all miss you in the CA team!


Lisa Michelle said...

Happy 1 year Anniversary! What a beautiful tribute to your first year together as man and wife, and gorgeous photos that really show how deep your love for one another is :)

chou said...

How did I never get to see your wedding pics? So cute! Happy anniversary, may many more come, with less stress than this!

genkitummy said...

thank you everyone for the kind comments.
chou, i cannot believe i didn't send you a link to my wedding album. will do right now.

Diana said...

Oh Lauren, I got all misty eyed reading your tribute to your marriage and husband. True love is a beautiful thing. Happy Anniversary!

genkitummy said...

aww. thanks Diana!