Wednesday, August 19, 2009

My Favorite Hawaii Desserts

I'll be returning home to Hawaii for a short trip next month, so I started thinking about my favorite desserts from back home. It's been a few years since I've visited some of these places so recipes may have changed. Apple Turnovers-Napoleon's Bakery-Zippy's
Blueberry Cream Cheese Scones-Kapiolani Community College Baking Class. (Make friends with a Culinary Student)
Bread Pudding-Royal Hawaiian Hotel, Prince Hotel (close second)
Chichi Dango Mochi-Nisshido
Coco Puffs-Liliha Bakery
Coconut Cake- Ted's Bakery (not only are their pies delicious, but the cakes there are great!)
Key Lime Pie-Morton's (yeah, I know it's a chain restaurant, but it was so good!)
Kulolo-any place I can get it
Molten Chocolate Cake-Roy's Restaurant
Orange Chiffon Cake-Liliha Bakery , my friend's dad's cake
Palm Leaf Cookies-St. Germain Bakery (in Shirokiya or Ala Moana Shopping Center)
Pianomo Roll-Jesse's Bakery
Pumpkin Custard Pie-Sconee's
White Chantilly Cake (this used to be sold at Liberty House)-Prince Hotel

Ice Cream/Sherbets-too many places to choose from, I really like Dave's Lychee Sherbert, and on Oahu, Samurai Shave Ice's Maui-Style Sherbet
Shave Ice-too many places to choose from. At the moment, Shimazu's might be my top choice. Waiola's is good too.

As you can tell, I have a major sweet tooth. I'm sure I am missing a bunch of desserts that I really enjoy.

What are your favorite Hawaii desserts? Or if you think there is another shop/restaurant/bakery that has a better one, let me know, and then I'll go check it out in September. :)


K and S said...

yum! you have a pretty extensive list which covers pretty much all the good stuff :) enjoy your trip home!

Kendell said...

what about leonard's....malasadas!!!!

Razzie said...

haha, I totally just came to say what Kendell did...I second that...especially the filled one...but not the chocolate....

genkitummy said...

oh, i forgot about the malasadas. yes, lenoard's should be on that list too!

Anonymous said...

You have to go to Kilani Bakery in Wahiawa and try thier "BROWNIES" and also Sunnyside Restaurant in Wahiawa thier "HOMEMADE PIES" and if your'e looking for good saimin and homemade hamburgers try SHIGES Saimin in Wahiawa too! You won't be disappointed.