Monday, July 13, 2009


What restaurant is this? Nope it's not the symbol for Wienerschnitzel, it's Whataburger!!! On one of the trips Mike and I took while he was visiting me in Illinois was to a "Whataburger."
Apparently Whataburger is only located in 10 states.
So, short story of why we had to eat at a Whataburger. At Mike's workplace in Hawaii some co-workers (who were being trained in Hawaii before being sent back to the mainland) would receive phone calls from friends when they were eating at a Whataburger. Apparently the burgers were so good, that these calls would make people jealous.
Common trend in this blog, I don't eat a lot of meat. Other common trend, Mike eats meat like there is some kind of shortage that I do not know about. While he's visiting me in Illinois, spam, hotdogs, steak, sausages somehow end up finding a place in my kitchen.
I ordered the chicken strips combination meal which was served with toast. I enjoy chicken strips in which you can see the actual piecs of chicken breast...and these were good chicken strips. Mike, however, loves those overly processed chicken nuggets (surprise surprise), so he didn't care for these chicken strips as much.
But if I had to order something from Whataburger again, I'd go with the hamburger, because it was a pretty tasty burger.
Apparently you are not allowed to take pictures in the restaurant (come on, seriously, it's a fast food joint!), but I quickly snuck some pictures in before I got scolded again.


chou said...

I still haven't figured out why people don't want free publicity. Sheesh. Your posting chez my blog worked! Hooray!

RONW said...

it does sound extreme prohibiting pics of the food, especially after you've paid for it. The decor, I might agree because of imitators.

Diana said...

That's so weird they wouldn't let you take pictures! We'll have to try Whataburger if we're ever near one.

genkitummy said...

I don't understand the no picture rule too. If I owned a restaurant, I'd definitely want people to take pictures and blog about it.

K and S said...

yipes no photos...