Wednesday, July 22, 2009


I do not think I've had a cold for over a year. Allergies got me in the Spring, but this past weekend some nasty bug hit me fast. I was in bed all weekend, drank a whole bottle of cranberry juice, a half-gallon of orange juice, gallons of water, and went through a box of kleenex. Maybe my cold wasn't so bad, but I was a pansy about it because I haven't been sick for a while.
It's funny, when I did feel like eating, all I wanted to eat were plain foods like white bread or tea and rice. I hate being sick because eating isn't pleasurable, it's more of me thinking I need to get some Calories in my body.

Being sick put a damper on my dissertation process, and I've lost a bit of my momentum. But I did manage to submit my thesis title page to the Thesis Office for review today, so I guess I accomplished something.
I was trying to edit a paper and spent half an hour trying to figure out what "wan" meant:
"The MDS plot program used to analyze the data wan multiple iterations of the data to create a MDS plot containing..."
I then realized I meant to write "ran." Ugh.

Mike thinks I got sick because I was lacking sleep and overworked myself at the gym, so my body's resistance to disease was caught off-guard. I'm getting better, but now have that froggy voice. Mike and I are now on this "get healthy" kick because we're trying to trim up before we head off to Italy so that we can gain all the weight back eating tons of pizza and gelato. We're basically both pretty healthy people, but we're trying to be extra good.
Mike's Plan
*Go to the gym 4 times a week, play ultimate frisbee once a week
*Limit fast food to less than two times a week
*Limit full Calorie soda

Lauren's Plan
*Go to the gym at least 3 times a week (but really I was going like 5 times a week until I got sick)
-my weekly plan included: lap swimming-once a week, kick & core class-twice a week, cardio camp class-once a week, workout with advisor-once a week.
*Cut out my refined sugar intake (cookies, cakes, etc), cut out potato chip binge-eating
I read all these blogs and wonder how people can stay healthy while consuming all those tasty treats they post about. What's your exercise/diet plan? How do all you foodies balance eating yummy food with a healthy lifestyle?


Jason said...

I have a gym membership that I never use, but keep telling myself I'll go. I don't normally eat a lot of "junk". If it's not in the house, I don't seek it out. One thing that seemed to make a big difference is changing our diet to be less meat-heavy, more focus on vegetarian and whole-grain foods.

K and S said...

ugh, have gained major weight since I've started blogging...need to do something...soon! planning on changing the way I eat, without taking out too much fun out of it...hope you feel better soon!

chou said...

I've found a large batch of willing interns helpful, not that my blogging has increased, but that my baking has new outlets. Honestly, I've struggled more to maintain my weight in the last year than I have my entire life. Eat less exercise more sounds good, it's just hard. I think I need a carrot instead of a mallow cookie for breakfast . . . get better soon. I've got a sympathy cold.

Tien said...

I have been cutting back on red meat and making more vegetarian dishes. The desserts are for the kiddos. Jeff had been losing weight on the carbs for breakfast and lunch. For dinner, it's a fish or meat dish and vegetables and fruits. He's lost about 10 lbs now. -Tien:)

genkitummy said...

thanks for all the suggestions.

jason-that's a great idea about not keeping certain foods in the house. i'm going to try that.

kat-finding the balance between changing my diet and not taking out the fun of eating is a challenge!
i'm feeling better now. thanks!

chou-now that the my lab has whittled down to just 3 students (erika & lisa just left), there's limited people here to share goodies with. i'm in the process of using all my ingredients in my kitchen, so i'll be baking a bunch for people after my defense. :) wish you were still here so we could have snack breaks!

tien-i definitely have to pump up my protein intake. maybe i should try to eat more protein and a bit less carbs.