Sunday, February 8, 2009

This past week in review

I survived the first week of my sensory panel. Whew! My basic day consists of waking up at 7:00am, arriving at lab by 8:30am, leaving the lab at about 8pm. I go home and eat dinner while vegging out watching television shows (Mondays-"Heroes", Tuesday-"Leverage", Wednesday-"Lie to Me" and "Top Chef", Thursday-"Burn Notice", Friday-"Psych"). I shower, do a little bit more work, and then go to sleep. Then it's wake up at 7am again, and the cycle continues. I guess this is what it must feel like to have a "real job."

Highlight of the week: Aaron walks into the lab carrying a crock pot with cans of food in it. He tells me, "throw everything in the crockpot, add chicken, turn it on in morning before you go to school, and when you go home you'll have dinner waiting for you."

I'm salivating at the thought of walking into an apartment that smells like yummy food after a 11-hour day at the lab.
Aaron, if you're reading this, I *heart* you!

I guess he felt sorry for me because I told him I'm too tired at the end of the day and have been eating a grapefruit for dinner and random stuff in my fridge that I can zap in the microwave. The other night it was rice and kimchee, the night before it was rice, kim chee, and korean nori.
I've lost that "food spark" and am not really excited to eat anymore. I am, however, excited that an 18lb bag of grapefruit is only $5 at Meijer. That's about 18 dinners! (just kidding...well sort of).

And Chou, I did try your super food challenge, but I did not get to post it by your deadline. I'll write more about it later. I tried to batter it with those new jumbo rice krispies, but it didn't come out. I ended up making a french toast battered in the rice krispies and topped it with avocado.


Lori said...

Hey Lauren,
Glad you survived your first week! How long will this schedule last? When I get really busy, my dinner menu sounds similar to you. Lots of microwave food or other random stuff in the fridge.

Take care!

chou said...

You survived! Huzzah!

Diana said...

Oh poor Lauren! I'm sorry your schedule is so ridiculous. Another great crockpot meal is taco soup. Just dumping lots of cans in the crockpot. I hope this is a short term schedule. I'm praying for energy for you!

Lisa said...

Wow, thanks for the 411 on the grapefruit at Meijer! I never go there, but I might have to make an exception now; Keith and I were just wishing we could get our hands on some yummy Texas grapefruit. And what a price!

The crockpot thing looks promising. Have you had a chance to try it and if so, how was it? Sounds like you're pretty insanely busy right now...

Keane said...

Your schedule sounds much, much worse than my "real job" ... maybe that says something about my job though ...

Other great "lazy grad student meals" to try ... easy mac with chili and BBQ chips, microwave hot dog-rice-kimchee, gardenburger bbq ribs, ramen w/ egg, pbj, frozen mixed veggies (just poke holes and nuke the bag)

To quote the machines, "there are levels of survival we are willing to accept" ... I think the architect was talking about grad school life. ganbatte ne!

genkitummy said...

hey everyone, thanks for all the positive vibes.

this weeks has been much better than last week (i think it's because i'm getting used to the routine). just 2.5 weeks more to go!

Anonymous said...

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