Thursday, January 29, 2009

Daring Bakers~January 2009-Tuiles

I've always wanted to make tuiles. I love how they taste, I love the delicate texture, and I love the fact that you can eat a lot of them and not feel full. Tuiles always look so pretty as they adorn cakes and desserts. As you can see in all the pictures of the post, my cooking style is not "pretty." I'd like to think that my strategy is to make food taste good, but that is not always the case. Here's a picture of my thin dough circles. The next picture is of the cooked product.
Okay, so my final product did not turn out very pretty. They were so delicate that I just couldn't handle them. Once I touched the tuiles, they broke apart. mmm...that means that there was a LOT of butter and sugar in the recipe. I am not sure if I made them correctly because they kind of look like potato chips.
After trying some of the tuiles, I realized that I liked the taste of the thinner tuiles that were slightly burnt. So, I ended up baking large thin sheets of batter on parchment paper to make thin wafers. Mmm...they were so yummy that I ate all the pieces you see below. My husband liked it, so ended up eating up all of them. I think he was hungry because he had just come back from playing basketball for a couple of hours.

This month's challenge is brought to us by Karen aka Baking Soda and Zorra of 1x umruehren bitte aka Kochtopf.
The recipe I used is " Tuiles" from The Chocolate Book by Angélique Schmeink and Nougatine and Chocolate Tuiles from Michel Roux.


Tara said...

That sucks! Even though a few of mine were over cooked on broke on me, they still tasted good, so thank goodness for THAT! The savory ones looked a little weird so I added more flour and they worked. I suspect if I hadnt added more flour they would have broken up too.

Keane said...

to enlighten the ignorant masses, how do you pronounce the word, "Tuiles"? Is it like the word "tiles"? Is it like "too-eee-leis"? Have a good chuckle, then please reply ...

vibi said...

Too bad many broke... but you were on the right track, though!
The only thing that didn't turn out, was the folding... you could have manipulated them with a cotton glove if too hot, or simply transfered them on something that would have given them a shape... but one thing's for sure, they have to be shaped while they're hot!
In the end, I'm glad you guys ended up liking them so much!!! LOL

And to answer Keane... if you want to pronounce "tuiles" the French way you say in English: "two-eel", without the sound of the plural "s", as plural in French is silent.

chou said...

I loved them! I have lots of batter left, and can't wait to figure out what to do with them. They certainly opened a lot of doors to play with. I'm so impressed that you found time to do this, despite the craziness that is your life!

Monica said...

I too loved that you could eat a bunch of them and not get full. That is a perfect baked good in my mind. I over cooked a batch of mine and liked the taste of the crisy brown ones better too so I guess that means they are not overcooked! Happy baking!

genkitummy said...

Tara-Thanks for the advice about the flour. I'll add more next time.

Keane-Actually, I'm not sure how to pronounce it. But Vibi (see comment below yours)for the answer.

Vibi-Thanks for the info. on shaping the tuiles. I'll have to try shaping them really quickly next time.

Chou-Here's the secret, I usually complete the challenge within the first few days of the month. No way could I have completed it at the end of January. But for Feb.'s challenge I think i'm gonna have Mike make it back home. :)

Monica-haha. Thanks for making me feel better about my extra brown and crispy tuiles!

Joie de vivre said...

Mmm...potato chip tuiles...:) Sorry they didn't turn out. Your hubby looks like he enjoyed htem though!

Nellie said...

I don't know, I think they're pretty!

I wish I had the budget to buy macarons every day though. It usually takes all my restraint to not hop on the Metro and run all the way over there.

Love your blog, btw -- started reading it after I clicked the link on Champaign Taste.

Diana said...

I actually have a thing about food that looks like other food, so I love that yours look like potato chips. Vibi has a great idea about cotton gloves. All my finger tips were burnt by the time I shaped mine!

genkitummy said...

Joie de vivre-haha. my husband did enjoy them, but he's my live-in food disposal.

Nellie-Hey. Thanks for checking out my blog. I really enjoy reading about your adventures in Paris.

Diana-I better go try find those cotton gloves.