Friday, October 24, 2008


Something exciting is happening this Saturday!

We've been preparing for it for a while.
This is how we've prepared:
*Mike's been going to the gym every day
*I've been going to yoga and running
*Mike's been resting up (it's currently Thursday 10/23 @ 7:30pm and Mike is knocked out on the bed. I think it's partially because he drank some lychee vodka I made that's been in the fridge for a while).

Curious? Stop by the blog on Saturday morning to find out.

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Tamakikat said...

Hi there,

I've just read about your 24 hour food-athon.

It sounds like fun especially since you mixed up where and what you were eating as well had 'guests' join you along the way.

It's amazing to me there are so many places open throughout the night. Where I live I know there are ramen stores open till about 3am but the only 24 hour places I can think of are convenience stores.

Hmm. If I was to try something similar I think I'd end up doing a sweet treat-athon on a smaller budget during the day cycling between stores...actually sounds like a fun idea...:)

Well, all the best to you and your foody friends.

I look forward to reading further posts.