Sunday, October 5, 2008

The New Meijer

As Mike will tell you, one of my "hobbies" is going grocery shopping. Let me clarify this, I go grocery shopping because I need food; but at the same time, I enjoy the experience. Today I checked out the new Meijer in Urbana because this past week some of my friends were so excited about the new store with all the shelves perfectly stocked. I had to check it out! Plus Mike's arriving back in Champaign today and I haven't gone grocery shopping in 2 weeks and have been without milk for a week.
Look at the beautiful olive and Mediterranean bar. I think this Meijer is trying to be much more upscale than the one on Prospect Rd.
There's gotta be a story about my shopping trip, right? Look at the cheeses, according to the signs, there's fresh ricotta cheese, feta, and mozarella.
If you take a closer look, the mozzarella cheese is incorrectly labeled "ricotta cheese." I asked the employee, "Excuse me, are you sure that's ricotta cheese? I think it's mixed up with the mozzarella." And she confidently replied, "No, that's ricotta cheese." I gave her a puzzled look, and she still did not change the signs. So what did I do? I purchased the $2.99/lb "ricotta" cheese.
I then went home to taste my fresh mozzarella cheese. I've eaten fresh mozzarella cheese at restaurants before, but never purchased it on my own. Mmmm....fresh mozzarella cheese tastes so much better when you pay $2.99/lb versus $6.49/lb for it. I also purchased figs again. This time I am trying the black ones. I hope they taste better than the brown Turkish figs.
Yay! My fridge is now stocked with fresh produce and milk! Oh and I bought some mint so that I can drink a mojito tonight. It's been my current drink of choice for a while!

2500 S Philo Rd
Urbana, IL 61802
(217) 365-5210


Kendell said...

ooo...a new meijer! I'm jealous! I am entertained that you walked through the grocery store taking pictures....I wonder what other people thought!

K and S said...

I like that "ricotta" you got definitely worth the price :)

chou said...

Hey, you tried! :) I'm with Kendell, you totally made my day (although for me, b/c I would've done the same!) Glad Mike is back.

Diana said...

That's an awesome deal! I understand your hobby. I've made an excel spreadsheet of the grocery items I like to buy and the prices at the different stores in my area, and am always looking for what special items I can get where. It's fun!

genkitummy said...

Kendell-you'd love the new Meijer. It's huge and everything looks fresh and brand new. Oh and I don't think people noticed me taking pictures....I think...I hope.

Kat-yup, the "ricotta" was worth the price and it tasted sooo good!

C. Yup, I tried. And I am so happy Mike's back too!

Diana-Wow, you're so organized! I would do that too, but I end up going to grocery stores depending on how good the produce tastes there.