Monday, October 6, 2008

Lauren's "Hobby"

Okay, so lets clarify this.....When I say that grocery shopping is Lauren's hobby, I am really trying to say obsession in a nice way. Going to the grocery store (even when we can't buy/don't need groceries) is one of the our most frequent couple activities. When we go on trips, we still go to the grocery store all the time. I can't even begin to explain this in words. Maybe the closest I can come is by providing this quick statistic.

On Mike and Lauren's trip to Napa Valley.....
Wineries visited: 3
Grocery stores visited: 7+ (three different Trader Joe's, two different gourmet stores in Napa, two different ones for snacks the night before we left...these are the ones I am 100% sure we went to...there are definitely others that I can't remember now.)

She is my wife, and I love her with all her quirks.......I just wanted to help everyone understand the magnitude of this one


Lori said...

I also enjoy going to grocery stores, especially in Japan! And yesterday I had a fun time at Trader Joe's. :)

chou said...

I knew Lauren and I were kindred spirits. Yep. Spent yesterday morning in various grocery stores, and do I have the itinerary for you when you come visit!

Mike said...

Hahaha....good to know that grocery store hopping is not just a "Lauren" thing, and more of a "foodie" thing. At first, I wrote "woman" instead of "foodie", but then I changed it because it seemed more accurate. Also, I think it'll get me into less trouble :).