Sunday, October 26, 2008

Foodbuzz 24, 24, 24: Sweet Indulgence

06:00 - Sweet Indulgence

6 down, and 18 to go! Sweet Indulgence is the furthest drive for any of our stops, but I am assured that it will be worth it. They bake pretty much anything you can think of from pies to pastries, tarts, and assorted cakes. They even export their hand decorated sugar cookies across the US, and even to Australia!
When we first arrived at Sweet Indulgence I was overwhelmed with all the choices! Everything looked scrumptious and I was debating between the chocolate lava cake, a scone, the turnover, and the napoleon. If it had not been 6am in the morning, there is no inkling of a doubt in my mind that I would have purchased the chocolate lava cake. But since it was early I opted for the creamy indulgent napoleon ($5.45). Mike really like this dessert, but for me it was too rich and sweet for my tastes (but I had been warned by the manager that this was a decadent dessert). The cream reminded me of vanilla pudding mixed with condensed milk. Not my cup of tea, but Mike's happy I chose the napoleon, and did not care for it. That means for him.
On a side note, from previous experience with Sweet Indulgence, my personal favorite is their cheesecake.
The Napolean tasted like a whole bunch of longjohn filling. Since that's the best part, what's not to like? I could definitely see it getting overwhelming if you ate the whole thing by yourself though. The store manager told us that one customer said he almost killed himself eating it because it was so good he couldn't stop, but so rich the he should have. If we stop by again, I want to try their quiche, which looked really good.

$5.45 - Plus tax

Total spent - $72.56

Sweet Indulgence (website)
1121 Windsor Road, Champaign, IL 61821

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