Sunday, October 26, 2008

Foodbuzz 24, 24, 24: Jerusalem Restaurant

13:00 - Jerusalem Restaurant
Okay, so Lauren and I originally chose this place because it seemed like a good way to keep our restaurant adventure multi-cultural. After reading the reviews (links below), I think that if we keep it on the list it'll be because of empathy. One person listed pros and cons of her support for Jerusalem Restaurant. Reason why she couldn't love it : "The tabouli is the worst intentionally edible thing I've ever tasted." Reason why she wanted to love it: "The guy always seems stressed out and I feel empathy for him." Seriously though, we included Jerusalem restaurant out of curiosity. We've never been here, but we see it every week. It's been in Urbana for over 10 years, so it's got to be good right?
We ended up ordering a falafel sandwich, and a samosa. Why a samosa at "Jerusalem" Restaurant you ask? Well, Lauren kept saying that it was a shame we didn't include indian food on our tour. I agree with her (because I love it), and so I wanted to get some indian food into our blog. I realize now that it was silly, almost like trying to get authentic mexican food from a japanese cook (I'm Japanese, so that's why I chose a Japanese cook...that way it'll be harder for people to take offense to what I'm writing). Still, it made sense at the time....a lot of things do sometimes......and in general I like samosas. This one was crispy, but thefilling was mostly potato inside, and not as good as others I've had.
The falafel sandwich was okay. I'm not sure how to rate it, since I don't eat a lot of this stuff, but Lauren didn't like it that much. There were a lot of cucumbers and other vegetable in the sandwich though, and that was good.
My overall impression of Jerusalem Restaurant is that it was good to try it once to cure the curiosity, but I don't need to go back.

$5.10 - Plus tax
Total spent - $114.13

Jerusalem Restaurant (reviews) (more reviews)
601 S Wright St, Champaign, IL 61820

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