Tuesday, September 2, 2008

(Food) Blog Etiquette

Mike's having a wee too much fun with this blog. I tell you, it's like he's found a new toy. He seems to always be on the computer giggling and typing away while I'm working on my dissertation.

Only recently (since April) have I really gotten into this food blogging thing. Yet, I had to give Mike a crash course on how to blog before I let him loose.

Here's some of the blogging etiquette I've learned thus far. There are some unspoken rules that you learn in the process. I'm still learning, so I am apologizing in advance if I offend anyone in the process. These rules/suggestions are in no particular order.

1. Remain kind of anonymous for safety reasons
Okay, I'm sure I've posted enough picture of my friends and me on the site, that if you saw me in Hawaii, you'd know who I was.
Like I told Mike, don't make it easy for stalkers to find us. Therefore, no reference to our last name, address, phone number, etc.
Of course with technology, I'm sure that if someone wanted to stalk us, they could. But trust me, you'd be better off stalking some other people. They probably cook better tasting food.

2. If someone comments on your blog, this is what you should do:
a. At the bare minimum-respond to their comments
b. If you have extra time-It is even better if you check out their website/blog
c. The best response- leave a comment on their blog if a post catches your eye
d. Become an avid reader of their blog

3. Acknowledging Others
If you found something cool or interesting from another site or blog, add links to your blog to increase traffic to the person's website

4. Be Sincere
Blogging is for fun and a hobby, so if you meet people or write comments on other bloggers pages. Be sincere and be nice.

5. Adding links to others' blogs to your page
This is an iffy subject...just because someone lists your blog does not necessarily mean that you have to return the favor.
If you have a sitemeter linked to your account, you may notice that your site receiving a lot of referrals from a particular blog. If you are feeling nice and actually like another person's blog you may choose to add the blog to your list.

This is my philosophy-if you are a regular reader of a person's blog, why not add a link to the blog? This will allow others to enjoy the blog and will result in an easy access to your favorite blogs. If you rarely read the blog, then you are not obligated to link to the blog.
For non-bloggers who randomly read blogs
*If you want to make someone's day, please leave comments (they could be anonymous) on blogs. Sitemeters indicate that their are viewers of blogs, but seeing comments really let's the blogger know that their blog is being read. I'll add more "rules" when I learn them.

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