Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Manoa Bon Dance

This is Lauren and I going to the Manoa Bon Dance for food. One of her many cute quirks is going somewhere for the sole purpose of getting a single piece of food. In this case it was for grilled teriyaki corn. For those of you who don't know, a Bon Dance or Obon is a Japanese custom to honor the dead. In Hawaii it also includes a lot of good food. This is a picture of the Bon Dance as we were arriving. The Kimono dog was the first thing that I wanted to try. It's pretty self-explanatory based on the sign below. Andagi is an Okinawan heavy cake-like deep-fried donut. Anyway, I got one and the flavor was pretty good.....I mean who wouldn't like a battered deep-fried sausage (excluding people on diets, vegetarians, vegans, fruitarians, scientologists...etc). Problem was that it was $2 (50 cents a script). That still would have been pretty good for the hunk of golden deliciousness, but due to inflation or something, it only included about a 2.5 inch section of sausage, cut in half length-wise. Definitely not worth it. I mean if I want to over-pay for food that I like I can just go to Zippy's. After that, we looked at what people were eating before we bought. We also avoided the grilled teriyaki squid....two 1-inch pieces with pineapple on a stick (also around $2).

This is a picture of some of the foods they had there. The croquettes in the middle tray were great. A lone and somewhat large kimono dog is in the left tray.

Which brings us to the elusive and sought-after teriyaki corn. It's essentially fresh corn marinated in teriyaki sauce and grilled. I don't know who thought of it first, but I'd like to give them a handshake. It was definitely the best thing that I had there, and there's a good chance that I would even probably be saying that if Lauren wasn't making me. I know you're wondering why I'm not complaining about the cost of the corn. Well actually, I didn't think it was that bad.....pricey, but okay. Plus it made Lauren happy.

Here's a picture of Lauren eating her corn. I say "her corn" because it was just that. She's all for sharing in most things, but when she really likes it, watch out! I think she let me look at it once or twice. Lauren looks extra hot because she just had her trial hair and make-up appointment in preparation for our wedding.
How much would I pay?

Mike: Kimono Dog - $1, and only because it's a fundraiser
Teriyaki Corn - $3 as previously stated

Lauren: Kimono Dog - $1
Teriyaki Corn - $1.50, I can make that

Mike: Teriyaki Corn - Revised to $1.50.....whatever keeps Lauren happy!


K and S said...

hey, this is the church I go to when I'm home. :)

Anonymous said...

I have to start going to the Bon dances - yum. As far as the price of corn goes the KCC farmers market has a stand with Roasted Kahuku corn that you can get with shoyu-butter and furukake and other variations for $3 (they USED to have 2 for $5) so for a charity thing $1.50 is pretty cheap.

Alan from Makiki

chou said...

Ah, such a cute picture of Lauren! Mike, I'm sooo glad you're blogging, too. Great fun. :) And I think that crawl into a corner and protect your food thing is contagious.

Mike said...

Alan, I guess you have a good point there for what we can expect to pay for corn. $1.50 is unrealistic for the corn, and we should definitely pay more for charity. With the HMWIP thing, we're just going with how much we would pay to get it again based on personal opinion. Sort of a rating system of how much we liked it.

Mike said...

Thanks chou! Blogging is a kind of fun. Let's hope that protect your own food thing isn't contagious. But even if it is, Lauren and I will probably be okay. We tend to like different things. She likes vegetables, and I like meat. Whe likes fruits and deserts, and I like cheese and bacon.