Monday, August 25, 2008

Bangkok Chef

I've been wanting to try out this hole-in-the-wall restaurant for a while now. It's located on Nuuanu Ave. right after the Hungry Lion and next to Sam's Delicatessen (good cheap Korean food).
Whenever I want to check out a restaurant, my strategy is to search online for any information about the popular dishes to order. If this strategy fails, I resort to my second strategy. Scan the restaurant and see what everyone else is eating. Also if the customers look friendly I usually ask them what they ordered. Based on my second strategy, the curries, pad thai, and the spring rolls are probably the most popular dishes. The parking lot is quite tiny here, so I just jumped out of the car and ordered my default dish that I order at Thai restaurants...Green Curry. was delicious! There was a lot of basil, bamboo shoots, sliced chicken breast all for just $5.60. I paid an extra $0.50 for sticky rice instead of jasmine rice so my plate cost a little over $6.00.
Mike and I shared the plate and it was enough for two of us. And let me tell you, Mike can eat! The green curry was more than enough for one person.
I just checked out their website, and the good news is Bangkok Chef will be opening up a new location in Manoa! If the prices remain the same, I'm sure this restaurant will do well since the UH-Manoa campus is nearby.

Mike and I are going to start implementing our "How much would I pay"(HMWIP) portion of the blog.
Actual Price: $6.10 + tax
Mike: $6.50
Laur: $8.00

Bangkok Chef
1627 Nuuanu Ave.
Honolulu, HI 96817


Lori said...

One of my favorite places to eat! I used to always go there on my way to grad school at UH. I've also been meaning to post about it. I have pictures of this place that have been in my camera for almost two months!

Mike said...

Okay, let me provide a little clarification for this blog. First of all, yes, I can eat! Secondly, the plate was really big, and very tasty. However, thirdly when Lauren says we "shared" the lunch, that isn't exactly accurate. What she means by that, is that she ate the curry while I was driving and fed/spilled a spoonful to/on me when she came up for air. After we got home, I finished the last of it, then proceeded to eat my real lunch. I love you Lauren, please don't ban me from your blog page!

Mike said...

I totally agree with you, it was a really great place to eat. If I'd known about it earlier, I would have gone there all the time!

Keane said...

A new favorite pastime (is that a contradition in terms?) is to get bangkok chef without telling Kristyn about it ... it's one of our old reliables for lunch at work and definitely good for 2 meals, or 1 meal+a nap.

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Lori said...

Mike, that's funny - sounds just like how my husband and I "share" food in the car! :)

Mike said...

So are you the one driving, or the one eating :)?

Lori said...

Like Lauren, I'm the one eating. :)