Saturday, May 24, 2008

Fish in Illinois??? Spicy Tuna

I've been living in Urbana-Champaign, Illinois (in the middle of nowhere in Central Illinois) for the past three years. One food item that I try to stay away from here is fish. Growing up in Hawaii I never thought twice about how lucky I was to experience a multitude of cuisines. I was also fortunate enough to consume fresh fish all the time. When I first moved here I bought frozen tilapa and was disappointed. Boo, frozen white fish. I haven't consumed fish here since.

I was craving ahi (tuna) and decided to check out the market, and lo and behold I found cryogenically packaged tuna from HILO, HI! I was so excited! I even decided to make spicy tuna. Spicy tuna is a mixture of raw fish, hot sauce, and other flavoring. If done right, it's so yummy! I've never made it before, but kind of guessed the recipe based on what I eat atKurukuru Sushi. I do not have exact amounts but just made it and kept adding ingredients.
Chopped Ahi (tuna)
Slice green onions
Sesame Seeds
Sriracha Sauce
Soy Sauce

I mixed the spicy tuna and then ate it with hot rice! Oiishi! (delicious!) You can also add tobiko (flying fish eggs) to the mixture but I did not want to press my luck and search for these tiny fish eggs in Champaign.


Razzie said...

you can get the Tobiko at the EuroMart on University(or at least you could) I made orange rolls last spring when a friend wanted some like her mom made when she was a kid.

Razzie said...

oh and that sounds amazing, when you making me some?

genkitummy said...

i was planning on making it for the "top chef" social at my house this week. aw, too bad you can't make it. hahaha. j/k next time i make it i'll give you a call. it'll probably be after ift.