Thursday, April 10, 2008

Restaurant Crawl

Last night the University of Illinois's Association of Food Technologists went on a Restaurant Crawl. Instead of a typical bar crawl, we restaurant hopped. The restaurants included in our stroll included Radio Maria for tapas, Peking Garden for dinner, and Ko Fusion for dessert. The night was filled with fun, food, and chatter. It's always a treat to go out to eat with fellow food scientists. Most of us love food and enjoy deconstructing and critiquing food.

The general consensus was that the tapas were the crowd favorite and Ko Fusion was the least favorite. Let's just say that everyone left a huge portion of their chocolate cake on the table and it wasn't because we were stuffed from the previous restaurants. Some of the comments associated with the chocolate cake were, "Do you think they used lard in the cake?" and "Why is it so dry and dense?" Although my White Dragon Martini (lychee liquor, coconut rum, and pineapple juice) was quite yummy, it doesn't make up for the poor quality cake.
The best dish of the night? The queso de cabra frito from Radio Maria. It was fried balls of goat cheese drizzled with a honey sauce. The honey and the warm goat cheese was excellent!
Thanks to Christy for planning this awesome activity!

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