Wednesday, April 2, 2008

IFT Product Development Competition

It seems like a large portion of my day is consumed by working on our product development project. The Institute of Food Technologists has an annual Product Development Competition for us budding scientists to gain experience creating a food product These are the schools and products that we are up against.

Cornell University with Tranquili Tea
Michigan State University with Ready-to-Dough
Ohio State University with FruitZicle
University of Illinois - Urbana Champaign with Dream Pie Bars
University of Minnesota with Ediballs
Virginia Tech with Banana Splitters

Some of the names are quite interesting. I'm curious to see what the products really are. What do you think these products are? Why is there a 'Z' in the FruitZicle? What are Ediballs?

For more information about the competition, check out theiftsa website.

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chou said...

Congratulations! Again and again and again. You rock. :)