Sunday, July 14, 2013

Our Garden

We have a garden! Well, technically, Mike's parents have a garden and I just harvest from it and sometimes choose which herbs and vegetables to plant.  Here's a tour of our mini garden. 

Shiso Plant. I am not sure what we will be doing with these leaves yet.  I read an article that you can chop it up and eat it with natto.
Hawaiian Chili Pepper Plant-Still no flowers or peppers.  I'm hoping that I will see a few flowers in the next couple of month.
My mint plant.  Mike says that I chose to grow a weed plant.  It sprawls and grows on its own.
My basil plant!  I started pruning it after it started growing vertically and did not seem to branch out.  Now look at this beautiful bush.  It's even bigger now!

Papaya Tree 1
Papaya Tree 2

Mike's mom's kale plants. We now have four plants. Freshly harvested kale is so much better than store-bought kale.  It seems to be much more tender. 

Mike's chayote squash vine.
Another view of Mike's chayote squash vine.
Green Onion
Chinese cabbage and bush beans

I don't think we will ever have enough to cook a complete meal just from our garden, but it sure is nice to go out to the yard to pick fresh herbs to use when cooking!

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