Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Texas Restaurants~Sichuanese Cuisine

I've been looking through my old posts and I cannot believe how much we ate out in Texas.  It felt like Mike and I only ate 1-2 meals out a week, but I still have quite a few more posts about the different restaurants that we visited during our last months in Texas.  
I wanted to check out Sichuanese Cuisine located near the 99 Ranch in Plano, TX. Mike was off on a weekday while I was on maternity leave, so we went there for a lunch special.  Mondays through Fridays from 11-3pm, they have lunch specials that cost $5.95-7.95.  What a deal!
Soup is included with the meal.  Mike and his standard hot and sour soup. My standard egg drop soup.  It seems like most Chinese restaurants in Texas offer both types of soup.  The standard protocol for us is Mike orders the hot and sour (I dislike the sour flavor of the soup), I order the egg drop, eat about half of it, and then Mike finishes up my bowl.
He ordered Kung Pao Chicken ($5.95), but we were pretty sure that we received a pork and fried rice.
Eggplant in Garlic Sauce ($5.95). It was tasty, but SOOOO oily. But aren't the delicious ones always so oily? At least I did not order fried rice with my meal.

Sichuanese Cuisine
141 West Spring Creek Pkwy, #405 Plano, TX 75023 972) 517-6888

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