Sunday, February 17, 2013

Dallas Restaurants~JS Chen's

J.S. Chen is probably Mike and my favorite dim sum restaurant in Texas.  The flavors reminded us of dim sum in Hawaii and the prices were reasonable too. Now we're back in Hawaii so we enjoy dim sum all the time!

Black Bean Beef Thick Noodle.  During our three year stint in Texas, Mike and I did not find a Chinese restaurant that served a "Chow Fun."  This dish is the closest we could get to Hawaii's chow fun. I think that the noodles in Hawaii are thicker but cut into thinner (diameter is shorter) so you end up with a slightly chewy noodle.
Shrimp Dumpling.  I usually always order a shrimp dumpling (har gau) and that fried wonton covered shrimp with the sweet mayonnaise sauce.
One of my favorite kinds of dim sum-TARO PUFF.  Mike would roll his eyes when I say this is one of my favorites. I always order it, cut it in half, scoop out the pork filling and place it on Mike's  plate and eat the crispy outside and the taro layer.  Yum!
Mike tends to order sticky rice...and he eats it all by himself because I rather fill up on other kinds of dim sum rather than a lot of rice.  

J.S. Chen's
3948 Legacy Dr.
Plano, TX
(972) 491-7267

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