Thursday, January 10, 2013

Spam Lumpia?

Things have finally calmed down here in Hawaii.  Mike and I have unpacked and enjoyed the holidays with family and friends.  So now I have to budget some of my free time (baby nap time) to start posting on my blog again.  I have a bunch of drafts from restaurants in Texas that I still have to post and then I can begin posting about our food adventures in Hawaii. 
Mike wanted to make some spam wontons (Yes, we are back in Hawaii!) to bring to a potluck party, but when he went to a local grocery store, the wonton wrappers were super expensive (I think about 20 cents a piece), so he called me up and asked me what I thought about spam lumpia (lumpia wrappers were cheaper than won ton wrappers). FYI-lumpia is kind of like a Filipino egg roll that is usually filled with meat and vegetables. 
Mike had already made a spam wonton filling (spam, water chestnuts, oyster sauce, green onions) and then had to add other vegetables (onions, carrots, cabbage) to convert the spam wonton filling into spam lumpia filling. 
On a sidenote, here's a fun game. Look at the picture above, can you guess which lumpia Mike rolled and which ones I did?  Is it obvious?

Mike enjoyed the spam lumpia and felt that they were more flavorful than standard lumpia.  I tend to disagree. Maybe it's because I grew up with my Mom's awesome lumpia which has pork, beef and shrimp in the filling! I'll have to blog about my mom's lumpia one day. Maybe she will let me share her recipe!
We had some extra lumpia wrappers and decided to make some banana lumpia too.  Yum!
Well, so far it is great to be back home in Hawaii.

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