Sunday, November 11, 2012

Toffee Fail

A few months ago I had the desire to make toffee. I looked up a recipe and started heating up the butter and sugar. Apparently I may have "shocked" the butter mixture by changing  the temperature too quickly, and thus oil weeped out of the toffee mixture. Making toffee is considered "candy-making" and apparently, if it is too humid in your kitchen, it is not a good day to make candy because the candy may absorb moisture and result in a softer or incorrect finished product. 
This looked pretty nasty and gross. A bunch of oil pooled up in the middle of my toffee and I wanted to just dump the whole pan. Then I thought, "Man, butter is an expensive ingredient and I used TWO sticks to make this toffee." 
Yet, I still decided to complete the recipe and topped the toffee mess with some Ghirardelli chocolates and nuts.
Here's my finished toffee.  A melted mess! I ended up breaking it into pieces, refrigerating it, and then giving it to a friend. She ended up salvaging it by making toffee cookies. 

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