Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Vegetarian Home Cooked Meals

Yes, mom and dad, we do eat at home. We eat in more often than we eat out. I just do not take pictures of the foods we eat at home because you might think we are malnourished or you might think that I am trying to starve Mike or turn him into a rabbit. Just joking...well.  

This is what I made. Snow peas and oyster mushrooms in an garlic and oyster sauce. I'd like to think that I cook for taste and do not focus on presentation (Can you hear that sentence, just dripping with excuses).
This is what fancy pancy Mike made.  Cold tofu with a cilantro reduction (let's call it a reduction or puree) and unagi sauce. His dish blew mine out of the water in flavor too. Also, his unagi sauce could have been reduced a bit more, so that the sauce would stick on the tofu.

It was a good thing that this was not an actual dinner challenge because I would have lost and I have a food and culinary background. Arg.  Oh well.  Maybe if we are feeling up to it, Mike and I will have an actual dinner challenge some time in the future.
Any suggestions on the challenge theme?


K and S said...

you guys are funny & cute :)

Razzie said...

How do you make your unagi sauce? Looking for a good recipe!

Anonymous said...

Mike's dish really does looks yummy!

genkitummy said...

Thanks Kat!
Razzie-I'll get back to you on the unagi sauce. Off the top of my head, he uses soy sauce, sugar, and mirin. I think he tastes it and doesn't use a recipe.
Anon-Is this my mom? If so, Mike and I may have some food challenges when you visit us. Then you can compare flavor vs aesthetics!