Thursday, April 19, 2012

Sheep Cupcakes?

Well this week wraps up the last of my travel...for now. I do not foresee any travel in the near future until possibly May.  But wait, is it mid-April already?  I was fortunate enough to be relieved of travel for two weeks because I had to take care of some "clean up work" for a project and then wanted to stay put in the office for a Food Engineering course.  So...since I had some free time in my home kitchen, I played around in the kitchen!
I saw these really cute sheep cupcakes online and attempted to make them for Easter brunch at a friend's house. As you can see, I kind of failed. My cupcakes look like a mass of marshmallows topped with a button or a nose. 
Mike told me that I should make carrot cake cupcakes because we were attending an Easter brunch. Bunnies eat carrots-->carrot cake thematically make sense. I married a logical one!
I first starting with making the eyes.
 I used Giradhelli 60% cacao chocolate pieces as the face. I saw that a lot of people use licorice gum drop candies as the face base, but since I do not like licorice, I decided to make them out of chocolate.  I then dotted each chocolate piece with melted white candy melts.
I tried using a black food marker, but had trouble applying color because of the candy melts' waxy fatty surface. So, I ended up using black food coloring.

***Note to self-If I decide to make more baked goods with eyes, I will make a ton of eyes with a candy frosting type of recipe.

I then proceeded to make a simple cream cheese frosting and then applied as many mini marshmallows as I could on each cupcake.
The sheep do not look quite right, but from a distance, they kind of resemble sheep.
As a last resort, I tried painting faces onto chocolate candy melts (they are about double the size of a Giradhelli chocolate piece).  They still do not look like sheep, but at least they are smiling!

I am debating whether I want to make this cupcakes again. Probably not. Unless I have a lot of spare time or if I decide to suck it up and buy licorice gum drops and pre-made candy eyes.

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