Friday, March 23, 2012

Sugar Candy and Malasadas

I'm currently still off in Boston for work travel, but had a few minutes to blog about some of the food we had in Hawaii. Can you believe, since the year started I have stayed in a hotel for more than 30 nights? And I will probably hit Gold status on American Airlines by next week.  It seems like deja vu of last year's traveling. 
While I was home, my mom showed me this cool Japanese sugar candy art (Amezaiku) from a 1st birthday party that she attended. A lady had a booth and was hand-shaping animal candies. These lollipops were for the kids, but then all these adults started standing in line for a candy creation. 
My mom thought that the dragon looked the coolest, so got one of those. I found the company's website online and it's called Candy Art Hawaii and saw that you can book this lady for parties. 
Another neat food event that i thought was note-worthy was that Zippy's Napoleon's Bakery started selling malasadas and they are pretty good. 
The malasadas are made to order and are really soft and yummy.  Mike's relatives told us that the malasadas' texture is still good the next day.  Mike's a malasada purist and feels that malasadas should be eaten hot and if the texture of a malasada is still good the next morning, than it is not a true malasada.  I'm not a malasada snob like Mike and I say that if I had a malasada craving and wasn't near Leonard's or Champion bakery, I'd happily purchase one from Zippy's. 


Anonymous said...

I have to agree with Mike. The only way I will eat a Malasada is AT Leaonard's (hot out of the fryer) on the benches in front leaning over so I'm not covered in sugar! Sadly I haven't done that in a while because of the crowds - too many foodie tourists.


genkitummy said...

Alan-I guess its true that you cannot beat a fresh hot malasada! Man, I could use a fresh malasada now.

Kruno said...

Looks great! It makes me hungry!