Thursday, November 24, 2011

Grand Rapids, MI~Marie Catribs

I'm glad that I checked out this restaurant while I was traveling.  Marie Catrib's is one of those restaurants that Mike would be hesistant to step foot in.  Mike tends to shy away from restaurants serving "vegetarian," "gluten-free," and "vegan."  But he may have given this restaurant a chance because they also serve hamburgers and other kinds of meats. 

Sweet potato  and quinoa burger. The "burger" is filled with sweet potato, quinoa, onions, almonds, cumin, and other spices. I am not sure if it was the additional vegannaise and the tomato-ginger chutney that made this sandwich delicious, of it was the creative combination of the ingredients of the swee potato burger. I want to attempt to recreate this burger at home. I've never had a vegetarian burger that contained the sweetness and dense texture of sweet potatoes, with the interesting texture of chopped almonds. 
Falafel with homemade hummus and tabouli. I ordered this thinking that I would be able to sample some of the salads that Marie Catrib's offers.  I think that the falafel fell inthe shadow fo the sweet potato burger.  If I had only ordered the falafel, then I would have thought it was a yummy falafel (although I've had better in Australia). 
Marie's Seasoned Potatoes-These are supposed to be famous potatoes, but I thought the flavors of the sweet potato burger and the falafel but these potatoes to shame. 

I really enjoyed this place. It's kind of eclectic and had a Berkeley feel to it. It would neat to own a restaurant similar to this hippie-type of place. But then agian, I'd feel like a poser if I owned this kind of restaurant. 

1001-1003 Lake Drive SE
Grand Rapids, MI 49503
(616) 454-4020


K and S said...

sounds like a delicious sandwich :)

genkitummy said...

Kat-It was so yummy! I think about going back there for that sandwich!