Sunday, October 2, 2011

Morkie Stories

We have now had Morkie for almost two months. He's doing good, but we don't think he's the smartest dog out there.  I guess having a dog lowers our expectation for our potential future children.  Mike and I were of the mindset that if we spend a lot of time with our children, we can raise kids who are above average in the smarts department. Morkie is proving us wrong. 
Morkie and his modified Elizabethan collar that Mike modified with duct tape.  The next size was too big.
Morkie is still a puppy and maybe we just have high expectations of him. But the quickest lesson he ever learned was make sure you do not stray too far from your owners.  The other day we were the only ones at a small dog park and Morkie wandered off to another area.  Mike and I "hid" behind a tree (I am using quotation marks, because any human being would be able to see us behind that tree) to see if Morkie coudl find us.  He searched around for a bit and we believed that he had a sense of panic because he was all alone.  He now watches to make sure that he is always by Mike and my side.
Enjoying the car ride to the park.

Here's a couple of other stories you may enjoy.  I am trying to perfect the smooth surface of cake balls and cake pops. I was putting them in the fridge to chill, and one of the cake balls fell on the floor. Morkie quickly bit it and I screamed, Mike woke up from his nap and we chased the dog around got him to release it from his mouth. 

I was walking Morkie to the car and he got really excited and ran infront of me. Instead of stepping on his foot like Mike sometimes does, I tried to avoid him, and landed flat on my face. I braced myself on my left hand (my palm is all scratched up), and I have some scratches on my right thigh where some dog treat had been in my pocket. I yelped, Mike came running to my side and Morkie went to him, not even realizing that I had fallen.  Great....
Morkie in water.  He does not like being in water, but Mike is trying to get him to be a water dog.
And the funniest story. Mike was in the kitchen cutting some tofu, with Morkie next to him on a leash.  Mike said, "Lauren I gotta take this dog out, he made a really stink fart (Morkie is a stink silent farter)." This was followed by Mike's numerous comments, of "I gotta take him out NOW," "Eww, it's really stink here, this is so gross," "Come here you gotta smell this." So I go in the kitchen, smell the stench and start washing the cutting board and knife while he takes Morkie out. While I'm cleaning up, I smell the tofu container and it smells like a cross between vomit and diarrhea. 
Mike comes back into the apartment and says,"Morkie peed but did not poop."  I tell Mike, smell the tofu container, I think it was the tofu.  Then he goes to the fridge and opens up the container with the cut tofu and smells it.  We quickly throw it out and apologize to our dog.

Lastly, we are considering renaming our dog "Butterscotch" or Butterstotch." Then his nickname will be "Butters" (short for Leopold Stotch).


K and S said...

:) funny!!

Anonymous said...

Spending a lot of quality time with your children will result in smarter and happier children. You just have a puppy with special needs. :). Loved the Morkie stories. Keep em coming. Butters is a cute name, but Morkie kind of grows on you. Ranger, on the other hand, takes a little getting used to. Be patient. Some doggies just take long time to grow up. Just like humans. ;)


genkitummy said...

That's so true. We have a puppy with special needs. Morkie is actually a good puppy, I think our initial expectations were too high. We have now semi-trained him to "sit," "stay," "come," "down," and "kennel."
I am currently working on "roll over" and "hurry up" (for when we take him out to pee).