Monday, October 10, 2011

Knowing Car Brands and Models

Sometimes Mike and I play a game while we are driving called, "Name that car brand."  It's pretty self-explanatory; we name the brand of car that we see driving by.  Surprisingly, I am much better at this game than Mike.  Maybe it's because my dad used to work at car dealerships when I was growing up. 
I rent cars when I am on work travel and I sometimes remember to ask what kind of car is reserved for me (sometimes they upgrade you for free) and I ask for the smaller cars because I'm vertically challenged.  Well, during this current trip, the clerk was like, "sure, sure, you have a small car. It's a Ford Escape."  *I didn't know what a Ford Escape was*
I replied, "Great, last time I was given some kind of Toyota Jeep/Truck hybrid and had to come back and exchange my keys." 
I go outside and see an SUV!   Great....It was 12:40am and I was too tired to walk back and exchange my rental, so I kept that "small" boat.  I will now study more car makes and models.

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